Unconvention Bookrays

This page will be updated with full information about all of the Uncon bookrays available. These are bookrays set up for books by the authors presenting at the Uncon, specifically so that attendees can read some of the authors’ work before the event.

On each individual bookray page, you will find a link to the specific book on BookCrossing where you can see the list of participants in the ray. If you wish to sign up for any of these bookrays, please contact the individual who has set up that ray – indicated both on the BookCrossing page and on the page on this website.

Please note that the list of participants  for each ray may move around a little as more people join up, so check back just before you send a book on. Also, we’d like the books to keep moving and give as many people as possible chance to read before the event – if you’re next in line but for whatever reason can’t read the book for a while, please ask to be moved down the list.

Happy reading everyone!

Links to the Bookrays

Anthony Grey – Peking

Anthony Grey – Saigon

Anthony Grey – The Hostage Handbook

Anthony Grey – The Naked Angels

Anthony Grey – Tokyo Bay

Anthony Grey – What is the Universe In?

Elizabeth Haynes – Into the Darkest Corner

Elizabeth Haynes – Revenge of the Tide

Mark Billingham – Buried

Mark Billingham – Death Message

Mark Billingham – Lazy Bones

Mark Billingham – Lifeless

Mark Billingham – The Burning Girl

Martyn Waites – Bone Machine

Martyn Waites – The Mercy Seat

Martyn Waites – The White Room

Tania Carver – Cage of Bones

Tania Carver – The Surrogate