Sunday Release Walk

Walking by o5com on flickr

The Sunday morning release walk is a traditional part of any Unconvention weekend, the general premise being that we walk around the town taking in the sights and releasing any ‘uncaught’ books from the event.

Our treasurer and Colchester local ardachy has now finalised the plans for this year’s walk and we are offering you not just one, but two options on which route to take.

Route Options

Firstly we have a longer walk option which will take in most of the major tourist sights that Colchester has to offer, including Colchester Castle, Castle Park and St. Botolph’s Priory. Although billed as a longer walk, this route should be easy to follow within 1-2 hours taking a very leisurely and relaxed pace.

The second option is a shorter walk, particularly designed for those who want to avoid steps or simply don’t want or are unable to walk too far. Initially following the same route as the longer walk, those taking this option will break away before the steps begin to divert past the town hall, rejoining the longer walk route a little later on.

If you want to get an advanced preview of the walking routes on offer you can link to the walking map here.

Domino rally by barryskeates on flickr


Our Entertainment Coordinator MissMarkey has devised a flashmob event for Colchester to top the Hats off to BookCrossing flashmob from last year. This year’s event, dubbed the Domino Rally flashmob will take place at Culver Square, quite early in the release walk route. As a result it will be open to everyone taking part in the walk, regardless of which route you choose to take. The flashmob will make use of as many hardback books as we can carry, so if you have any lying around at home please bring them with you and keep them to one side for use on Sunday morning.