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Theatre Ticket

We anticipate that most BookCrossers attending the weekend will want to purchase a Theatre Ticket. In addition to all the items listed under the Weekend Ticket option (see below), this ticket allows access to the Headgate Theatre auditorium for the presentation based events during Saturday.

The additional features of this ticket currently include all of the featured author talks and a presentation about the 2013 international BookCrossing Convention in Gothenburg.  If you wish to see any of the four authors at this year’s event, buying a Theatre Ticket is the only way to guarantee it.

Due to fire restrictions, there is a limit of only 89 Theatre Tickets available. Once they’re gone, they’re gone and there will only be Weekend Tickets remaining for sale.

Weekend Ticket

Everyone attending the Unconvention must purchase a weekend ticket. This allows access to the SlackSpace elements of the weekend, including the Friday night games, book buffet tables and book amnesty.

Attendees with this ticket will be allowed access to the Headgate Theatre bar area, where they can browse the author tables, NSS table and raffle prize display. In addition, this ticket will entitle you to a goodie bag and inclusion in the Saturday evening meals and Sunday release walk.

If you wish to attend the Headgate Theatre presentations (including author talks), you must purchase a Theatre Ticket in addition (see above).

The Weekend Ticket in isolation is a good option for accompanying friends and family who may not wish to attend the presentation based events at the Headgate Theatre.

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