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“Buying” this item registers you to take part in the Not So Secret (NSS) gift giving event, a traditional part of every BookCrossing Unconvention.

Why is it called a “Not So Secret”?

The premise is like a Secret Santa, except that as one of the items you must include is a book that you’ve journalled, the recipient can later look up who the last journal entry was from, to find out who their sender was! The minimum requirement for an NSS parcel is a BookCrossing registered book and an additional gift, but givers can go as wild as they want.

Before checking out this item you will be asked to provide the location of any book or other wishlists and any other preferences or information which will help your gift giver in putting together your NSS parcel. If you do not have anything to add to these boxes then please state ‘none’. Unlike other NSS events which UK BookCrossers hold throughout the year, addresses are not required as gifts will either be handed over in person or left on the dedicated NSS table.

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