New Official BookCrossing Zone

Handmade OBCZ – photo by ardachybc on flickr

Everyone who is looking forward to visiting the large selection of Official BookCrossing Zones (OBCZs) in Colchester will be very excited to learn that a new OBCZ has recently opened with the help of local committee member karen07814.

Conveniently located between the two main Unconvention venues, Headgate and Slackspace, the Handmade OBCZ is sited in a small shop stocked entirely with British artisan-made products. The shop is run by Maryann who describes herself as a mum of 5, candlemaker, and photographer.

More information about the Handmade OBCZ can be found by visiting its bookshelf and crossing zone pages on BookCrossing. More information about all the other OBCZs in Colchester and the surrounding area can be found here.

Telephone Box Libraries

The Feering Telephone Box – picture by ardachy

For those who are unable to make it to the Little Bentley phone box, but would still like the phone box library experience, we have some great news. Our intrepid local members of the committee karen07814 and ardachy have been busy finding alternative options that can be visited during the weekend.

The Feering telephone box book exchange has been visited by ardachy who described it as being in a lovely spot with a great selection of books.

Another box can be found at Wix and has been visited by karen07814 who described it as ‘a good one’ – it’s the perfect choice for any arachnophobes as there are no spiders!

For more information about all of the local telephone box libraries (and in fact many much further afield) visit the following blog.


Unconvention Flickr Group

Camera by Annafur on flickr

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have one place to go to see a whole range of photos from or related to the Unconvention weekend? To that end ardachy has kindly set up a Flickr group for this purpose.

In advance of the weekend you may have photos of Uncon related releases, things you are making for goodie bags, or you may wish to share progress on your Unconvention competition badge. During the weekend itself we hope that lots of you will be bringing cameras to capture the events, so that attendees can remember the best bits and those who can’t make it can feel like they were there.

If you wish to add your photos please visit the Flickr group here.

The Bookbag Game

Read on for a message from our Entertainment Coordinator MissMarkey.

The Bookbag Game

(Not to be confused with the Bookswap Game)

Taking place on Saturday at 15:45 in Slackspace.

If you think you would like to play this fun and frenzied game all you need is 1 or 2 books from any of the listed genres plus 1 or 2 individual BookCrossing items e.g  a couple of labels, a bookmark or two, a rarely sighted these days BC release bag etc. etc.










Murder Mystery



Popular Fiction

Non Fiction

All books should be labelled.

The more people that take part the more fun we will have!

And did I mention chocolate? Oh, yes, there will be CHOCOLATE too!

Merchandise Now Available

The first group of items featuring Roman Bally are now available to buy from the Unconvention shop.

We have an exciting selection of merchandise on sale, including clothing, household items and even a teddy bear. These items are being offered to Unconvention attendees at cost price. To see the merchandise items only, without the distraction of tickets and reservations visit the Merchandise page.

Any items purchased will be placed into attendees’ goodie bags for collection during the weekend.

Not So Secret Update!

Gift by project hotsauce on flickr

Big thanks to vekiki for stepping in to organise this year’s Unconvention Not So Secret (NSS) gift giving. Equal thanks to katisha50 whose offer to help came just slightly too late, but is nevertheless just as appreciated.

Our organiser vekiki has set the closing date to sign up for this year’s event as Monday 6th August, so if you haven’t already signed up to take part and want to participate you have just over a week to do so.

If you are attending the Unconvention and are interested in taking part in the NSS, please go to the Shop page and ‘purchase’ an NSS entry – don’t worry it doesn’t cost anything! If you are not attending, you can still take part by joining the international postal NSS, parcels to be opened on the Unconvention Saturday – see vekiki‘s very informative post on the BookCrossing forums if you want more details. If you wish to be involved with this please PM vekiki with your details as indicated on the forum.

Happy gift giving everyone!

Not So Secret!

Gift by project hotsauce on flickr

As it is just over two months to go until the Unconvention (how exciting!) it’s time to start thinking about the Not So Secret gift giving (NSS) and the committee are now looking for a volunteer to organise this event.

We will provide a list of attendees who have signed up for the NSS and the information they have given us about their wishlists and preferences. The volunteer will then need to make sure everyone has somebody to give to (and someone who is going to give to them) and let people know who their recipient is. We will let the organiser decide whether they also want to open the NSS up to non-attendees in the form of a postal gift which could be opened on the weekend of the Uncon.

If you want to take part in the NSS and have not already signed up you can do so in the shop. If you would like to volunteer to organise the event please either PM me or use the Contact Us page to contact the chair.

Call for raffle prizes!

Raffle tickets by alykat on flickr

A very popular feature of last year’s event was the Unconvention raffle. The fantastic range of prizes which we were able to offer were thanks in large part to kind donations from BookCrossers.

We would love to have another brilliant raffle this year and are now on the lookout for prize items. Not everything has to be book related and you do not need to provide an entire prize – it could be a bookmark, a selection of goodies from your home town, an unwanted gift, a themed book collection, something handmade or anything which you thing someone else may want to receive. Remember ticket holders can select which raffle prizes to put their tickets into so there is no need to try to think of something that everyone would like.

We need to know everything that is being offered so that we can put the items together into themed prizes and ensure that a suitable book is included in each prize. If you have any items which you would like to offer for use in a raffle prize, please contact me either by using the Contact Us page to contact the Chair of the committee or by PMing pingucb on BookCrossing.


New bookrays

A travelling book

Visit the bookrays page on this website to find details of a range of bookrays being offered by Unconvention attendees for books by the authors who are speaking at the event. This page can also be accessed from the Authors link in the menu bar on every page.

Scrolling down the Unconvention Bookray page takes you to a list of all the bookrays available and clicking on any one of these bookray titles will take you to the specific page on this site for that bookray. This page has an overview of the story, a link to the book on and an indication of who to contact if you wish to be added to the ray.

Big thanks to ardachy and ApoloniaX for offering these bookrays up so that attendees can get a taste of the author speakers’ work before the big event.

Meal Reservations

Dinner by KellBailey on flickr

If you wish to join the traditional Saturday evening social meal at the end of the main day’s events, there are two new areas of the website which you may wish to visit.

Firstly, we have a new Saturday Evening Meals page where you can find out about the four ‘official’ meal options. In each of these restaurants we have booked a table of 20 specifically for BookCrossers and other attendees at the event. Table numbers are limited following discussion with each restaurant so that they can provide the best service possible for the BookCrossers and other guests on that night.

As there are only 20 seats available per restaurant you also have the option to reserve a seat in advance – simply head to the Reservations section of the shop, select your preferred meal option, add your BookCrossing name when requested and your seat will be secure. Any seats not already booked up will be offered in the usual way on a first come first served basis during Friday night and Saturday morning of the weekend.