The Committee

The committee is made up of a group of individual BookCrossers who volunteer their time to arranging and organising the Uncon event. While the roles described below are primary roles, in truth, each member of the committee does a little bit of everything as tasks dictate.

Chair – pingucb

Claire / pingucb

The “project manager” of the whole event, the Chair’s task is to oversee the other Committee members and be the primary official and liaison with the community; if a message needs to go out, chances are the Chair is the sender. The Chair also takes the lead on contacting and securing Sponsors and Authors on behalf of the Committee.

I joined BookCrossing in 2009, attending my first Unconvention in Swindon in 2010. For the Swindon Uncon, I was a general volunteer, offering little bits of help where needed and organising the NSS. I enjoyed the Swindon experience so much that I volunteered for Chair of the committee in 2011 and enjoyed that so much that I am doing it again this year!

As the project manager, I am responsible for keeping everything on track – ensuring that nothing gets forgotten and that the planning process runs to time. I know the role will keep me busy throughout the year, but with a great team alongside me it should be a lot of fun!!


Treasurer – ardachy


Without someone to keep a tight rein on the purse strings, the budget for the event could wildly spill over, and if the income from tickets don’t cover the outlays, then someone, somewhere has lost out. The Treasurer checks registration payments come in and ensures costs are kept to a minimum.

I joined BookCrossing in April 2006 when I was living on the Black Isle in Scotland and discovered the ‘Books on Bens’ webpage that swan-scot had going. ‘Ardachy’ was the name of the Bed and Breakfast I ran with my wife and I started by releasing books in our guest rooms and local beauty spots. I loved the way that BookCrossing integrated my three interests which were reading, walking and photography.

In 2008 we moved back to East Anglia for family reasons and I became even more active, attending my first BC Convention in Amsterdam and my first UnCon in Swindon. I help manage a number of OBCZs in the Colchester area and regularly attend meet-ups with other BookCrossers. I started Essex BookCrossing and BookCrossing Around Colchester and volunteered as a Region Manager. I also became a member of the BookCrossing team on Kiva and am now one of the team captains.

I worked with karen07814 to put the Colchester bid together for both the 2011 and 2012 UnCons. Having obviously got into the habit of volunteering I have now become Treasurer on the UnCon Committee.


Entertainments Co-ordinator – MissMarkey

Janice / MissMarkey

It wouldn’t be much of an event if the was no entertainment and activities going on. Even the enthusiastic among us would get bored staring at a table overflowing with books for 2 days! The Entertainment Co-ordinator also oversees the goody bags, the NSS (Not So Secret) arrangements and other non-Author activities.

I first joined Bookcrossing in May 2008 which was probably 3 years after I found my first BC book hanging on the gate of my allotment. It was put there by Molyneux who thought I would take the bait! It was ‘The Piano’ and I read it on my allotment. I didn’t have a computer at the time so although the concept fascinated me I did not pursue it.
When my lovely Mum bought me a laptop that’s when I really got going, started releasing and joining in with the forums.
I went to my first World Convention in 2009 in New Zealand and that was it – I was hooked! What a great way to see the world and have friends wherever you go!     Since then I have been to World Conventions in Amsterdam, Washington DC and Dublin. I have registered for Sweden and am saving hard for Melbourne.
In the UK I have been to Uncons in Edinburgh, Swindon and Nottingham. I joined the committee last year and enjoy bringing some of the entertainments I have taken part in worldwide to the UK.
Come to Colchester to see the fun and games that I am preparing.


Webmaster – GaryJ

Gary / GaryJ

The Webmaster is charged with setting up and maintaining the technical aspect of the website, enabling all Committee members the ability add and edit content as needed to disseminate information for their own roles. Enabling communications between Committee members, the Committee members and the community, and the community and the Committee members also fall to this role.

For the second BCUK Uncon in a row, I’m hosting the site and have taken the role of committee webmaster. I’ve been to 6 UK Uncons and the London Convention, and like any regular event, communication of information is vital to the potential attendees, the website perhaps being the main method. 2012 is my second time on the committee, and I’ve re-volunteered due to the positive feedback and comments that last year’s website and communications received.


Local Representative – karen07814

The local representative is often the person who submitted the successful bid for where the event is to be held. Their role is to help organise the logistics of the venue, provide the local knowledge for the committee’s plans and activities, and make any in-person visits that might be needed. The winning city for 2012 is Colchester.

I joined Bookcrossing in 2006 after finding out about it more than a year earlier whilst on holiday in Derbyshire. Since them I’ve been to 3 UK Unconventions and lots of local meetings. I’ve also met up with various people on my travels in the UK and France. By day I’m a practice manager for an architect’s practice, a role that allows me to appreciate other people’s creativity and skill.
I have been known to read the occasional book and am an avid supporter of our local independent bookshop, Red Lion. I’m also signed up for World Book Night and hopefully in Colchester there will be another event organised to celebrate this which netted us 170 new bookcrossing books last year. I’m looking forward to welcoming everyone to the quirkiness that is Colchester and confident that a good weekend will be had by all!