Treasurer’s Report

I would like to start with a quote from a message I have had from an Unconvention attendee. “I was telling a small group of friends yesterday about it and they were astonished when I explained I got 4 author talks, a goodie bag and entertainment for only £10!” What follows goes some way to explain how this was achieved.

By far the bulk of our income came from registration fees (£830.00) although the raffle provided a very welcome additional income of £134.60. Those members who generously give items for the raffle help us significantly and special thanks this year must also go to Red Lion Books in Colchester. The only other income categories were payments in for the ghost walk and for merchandise purchased. These are balanced by equivalent payments out. No attempt was made to make a profit on either of these.

As to expenditure the Headgate Theatre charged us a very reasonable fee of £100 for the day and we made a donation of £300 to Slack Space for the use of their space over the three days. They (Chris in particular) also gave us considerable help before and during the event.

The authors gave us their time and talent for free! We gave them cheques for their chosen charities and a small gift of wine or flowers. The total cost of this was £154.92 which I hope you agree was incredibly good value.

The goodie bags were filled thanks again to the generosity of members.

Other costs were printing, microphones, sweets, PayPal fees, craft supplies, release bags and games prizes which although relatively small individually mount up to over £400 collectively.

The final result is a small loss of £59.39 which was not unexpected. The aim this year was not to make a profit but to come close to breaking even so that we maintain the reserve of around £1000 to allow us to start planning next year. The balance carried forward is £1032.92 which is shared between the Coop Bank and PayPal.

Trevor Powell (Ardachy)


  1. MissMarkey says:

    Excellent report quickly provided Ardachy. I am really happy that we seek to make no profit, merely cover costs and keep a good rolling bank balance of approx. £1,000 to enable the next year’s convention committee to make the advance bookings required.

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