Sunday Release Walk

Walking by o5com

This year’s Sunday morning release walk comes in two flavours – a short walk for those who wish to avoid steps or simply don’t wish or are unable to walk too far and a longer walk taking in all of the main sights that Colchester has to offer. The full route will include the Hole in the Wall, Castle Park, Colchester Castle and St. Botolph’s Priory.

In addition our Entertainment Coordinator MissMarkey has planned a unique and ambitious event for all walkers called the Domino Rally flashmob. Start collecting your hardback books (any size) to help make this event as good as it possibly can be.

The walk will end with options for Sunday lunch led by some of the local BookCrossers.

For more information on the release walk and flashmob visit the new Unconvention webpage all about it which can also be accessed via the Schedule menu link at the top of every page.

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