New Official BookCrossing Zone

Handmade OBCZ – photo by ardachybc on flickr

Everyone who is looking forward to visiting the large selection of Official BookCrossing Zones (OBCZs) in Colchester will be very excited to learn that a new OBCZ has recently opened with the help of local committee member karen07814.

Conveniently located between the two main Unconvention venues, Headgate and Slackspace, the Handmade OBCZ is sited in a small shop stocked entirely with British artisan-made products. The shop is run by Maryann who describes herself as a mum of 5, candlemaker, and photographer.

More information about the Handmade OBCZ can be found by visiting its bookshelf and crossing zone pages on BookCrossing. More information about all the other OBCZs in Colchester and the surrounding area can be found here.

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