Not So Secret!

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As it is just over two months to go until the Unconvention (how exciting!) it’s time to start thinking about the Not So Secret gift giving (NSS) and the committee are now looking for a volunteer to organise this event.

We will provide a list of attendees who have signed up for the NSS and the information they have given us about their wishlists and preferences. The volunteer will then need to make sure everyone has somebody to give to (and someone who is going to give to them) and let people know who their recipient is. We will let the organiser decide whether they also want to open the NSS up to non-attendees in the form of a postal gift which could be opened on the weekend of the Uncon.

If you want to take part in the NSS and have not already signed up you can do so in the shop. If you would like to volunteer to organise the event please either PM me or use the Contact Us page to contact the chair.

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  1. pingucb says:

    Thankyou to vekiki for very kindly stepping up to organise this for us. Keep an eye out for more news from her soon.

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