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Click on the Tickets & Merchandise link at the top of every page (and also in the centre of the home page) and it will take you to our brand new shop. The shop is the place to go for everything from buying your tickets for the weekend to signing up for the Not So Secret gift giving.

Keep an eye on the news stories for details of new items as they are added to the shop – over the next few weeks we are hoping to add a variety of merchandise items and additional add-on events.

Hover over the Tickets & Merchandise link at the top of every page and you will see the following list of options:

  • My account – if you have not already done so you can set up an account for future purchases. Please use your BookCrossing name as your username for the site so that we can link your purchases back to you NB. if you are a non-BookCrosser or are purchasing for someone else you will have an opportunity to indicate this using the Order Notes on the Checkout page. If you have already made a purchase, the My Account page will show you a list of your recent orders.
  • Cart – this is the place to go to see what items you are buying but have not yet checked out. You can also see a total value for the items you are purchasing.
  • Checkout – you must checkout any items that  you select or your purchase is incomplete and they will not be assigned to you. At the checkout page you will be prompted to open an account if you have not already done so. Towards the top right of this page you will see an Order Notes box – this is the place to indicate details such as if you are buying items for another BookCrosser or have inadvertently used a username which does not match your BookCrossing name.

Whatever part of the purchasing process you are using, if you have any problems or questions at all please feel free to Contact Us.


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