• Attendees

    A list of people have registered to attend the BCUK Unconvention in Colchester in 2012.

  • Authors

    See the list of confirmed authors who will be giving talks at the event.

  • About

    At it’s heart, BookCrossing is the act of registering books and then setting them free to begin a journey around the world.

    For some people, it’s the social interaction around this activity that they really enjoy.

  • About Colchester

    Located in Essex, Colchester is Britain’s oldest recorded town, with a history dating back to the Roman occupation. See what it can offer BookCrossers in addition to the six OBCZs!

    About Colchester
  • Venue

    We will have exclusive use of the Headgate Theatre auditorium and bar from morning until 6pm on Saturday and this will be the main venue for author talks and other presentations on the biggest day of the weekend.

This event has now passed.